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13 April 2017
15:30 - 17:00
Drift 25, room 102

UGlobe/UCIS Masterclass by Prof Duco Hellema: ‘The Past and Present of Dutch Foreign Policy’

On 13th April, Prof. em. Duco Hellema gave a UGlobe/UCIS Masterclass titled “The Past and Present of Dutch Foreign Policy.”

In this Masterclass Duco Hellema, Emeritus Professor in the History of International Relations, critically discussed the past and present of Dutch foreign policy. He highlighted continuities and important changes in the Dutch position in Europe and the world since 1945. Moreover, the students engaged in a discussion about the present state of Dutch foreign policy with Professor Hellema, which, in his opinion, lacks a long-term perspective based on ideals more so than on the rather imprecise notion of ‘national interests.’

Duco Hellema is the author of the widely used handbook on Dutch foreign policy ‘Nederland in de wereld.’ More information about his previous and current work and his activities can be found on www.ducohellema.nl.

The full text of the masterclass can be found here.

UGlobe/UCIS Masterclasses are led by prominent figures who will share their personal knowledge and insights on a relevant topic. They are meant to be less formal, with Chatham House Rules applying.