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15 May 2017
09:30 - 12:30
Drift 21, Sweelinckzaal

CANCELLED – Transitional Justice Negotiation Simulation

Following years of conflict in the state of Marietta, the UN has brokered a tenuous peace deal. The rebels and the government have agreed to meet to discuss future transitional justice processes. You now have the opportunity to negotiate what the transitional justice process will look like. On 15 MAY UGlobe/UCIS will be organizing a transitional justice negotiation simulation. Role play and simulation exercises place students at the center of difficult decision making and forces them to wrestle with complex situations. A maximum of 20 students can take part so sign up early!

Students will be broken up into groups and each student will be assigned a different role to play – a rebel, a government official, a UN facilitator, or NGO representative. The purpose is to think through some of the major considerations and trade-offs in the structuring of transitional justice strategies related to lustration/vetting, accountability, truth-telling, and reparations. For each issue area, a set of guiding questions and considerations has been prepared for you to use to guide the negotiations. The hypothetical case will be given to the students one week prior to the simulation. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to take part. They are expected to spend some time in preparation (maximum a few hours).

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.